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Configuration Scope

If your Magento Go site has multiple views, you can set the value of a configuration parameter, product, category, or attribute definition, or customer management setting to apply to a specific view.

The “Choose Store View” box in the upper-left corner of most Admin pages lets you set the scope of the settings on that page. If an admin user’s access is restricted to a specific view, the list includes only the areas that they have permission to access.

Choose Store View
Choose Store View

The scope of each item is shown in brackets after the field, and determines the range of the setting. Unless otherwise specified, all values entered apply to the default configuration of your store. The possible scope settings are: [STORE], [WEBSITE], and [GLOBAL]. Any item with the scope of [STORE] can have a different value for each view. For example, a product name and description has the scope of [STORE] and can have a different entry for each language. However, some configuration settings, such as the postal code settings for a country have a configuration setting of [GLOBAL] because the same setting applies throughout the system. The scope setting of [WEBSITE] applies to the entire site, including all views. (Each Magento Go store is limited to one website.)

To enter a value for a specific view:

  1. Go to the Admin page with the settings that you want to change. In the upper-right corner, choose the store view where you want the settings to apply.

    If you choose a specific view such as a different langauge, a “Use Website” checkbox appears after each field to indicate that the field is currently set to the default value and cannot be edited. To edit the contents of a field for a different view, you must first clear the checkbox to unlock the field.

  2. Clear the Use Website checkbox to unlock the field. Then, enter the changes necessary. Repeat this step for each field to be updated.
  3. Clear the Checkbox
    Clear the Checkbox

  4. When complete, click the Save Config button to save the setting to the specific view.
  5. Scope Settings

    STOREThe setting is limited to the store view.
    WEBSITEThe setting is limited to the website. (Unlike other editions of Magento, each Magento Go store is limited to one website.)
    GLOBALThe setting applies to all store views and website(s).

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