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Working with Frontend Apps

  • Adding Social Plugins There are all sorts of social mediums available such as bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, all of which are great engines for marketing
  • Orders and Returns Block The Orders and Returns block is a convenient way for your customers to access information related to any order they have placed with your store.
  • Creating a Banner Rotator A banner rotator can be used to display a single banner, or multiple banners in a specific sequence or randomly. As a frontend app, the rotator can be assigned to a specific page, product, or category, and placed most anywhere in your store.
  • Frontend App Types There are many types of frontend apps you can use to customize your store.
  • Using the Frontend App Tool A frontend app is a snippet of code that makes it possible to display a wide range of content, and place it at specific block references through your store. Many frontend apps display real-time, dynamic data, and create opportunities for your customers to interact with your store.
  • Creating a Frontend App The process of creating a Frontend App is nearly the same for each type. You can follow the first part of the instructions, which is the same for all types, and then complete the last part that is specific to the type of app.
  • Inserting a Frontend App A frontend app is a snippet of code that can be inserted into existing content. There are several different types of frontend apps, including static blocks, banner rotators and blocks with dynamic content.
  • Linking to a Node The frontend app type, CMS Hierarchy Node Link, gives you the ability to link to a content node from other content in your store.