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Managing Multiple Store Views

  • Managing Root Categories This article discusses Root Categories and their role in your Magento Go store. You will learn how to create new root categories and manage the root categories for your store views.
  • Configuration Scope If your Magento Go site has multiple views, you can set the value of a configuration parameter, product, category, or attribute definition, or customer management setting to apply to a specific view. The "Choose Store View" box in the upper-left corner of most Admin pages lets you set the scope of the settings on that page.
  • Creating a Store View Magento Go gives you the ability to create up to three separate views of your store. Each view can be used to target a specific language or demographic.
  • Websites If your Magento Go site has multiple stores or views, you can set the scope of a configuration setting, product, category, or attribute to apply to a specific store or view. The scope provides context for the configuration setting. The Website tab identifies the website, store, and view where the product is available.